4 Part Online Study Course with Adyashanti

Spontaneous Awakening - A Fresh and Simple
Approach - Recording by Adyashanti

About Adyashanti

Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence. Asked to teach in 1996 by his Zen teacher of 14 years, Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology.

4-Part Online Study Course

A live, online 4-part video broadcast study course offered by Adyashanti will offer the participant a rich opportunity to explore his or her journey of awakening in depth - with Adyashanti's unique perspective and insightful guidance.

This online study course will be offered from November 2 to 3, 2016.

The registration includes

  • Four live 2-hour video broadcasts
  • Video replays
  • Session notes
  • Three video teachings or meditations
  • Audio MP3s
  • Online Q&A area
  • A PDF of all Q&A and Session notes

For more information and details, please visit 4-Part Online Study Course.

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Meditation Summit - Free Online Event

Meditation Summit
A Free Online Event presented by Sounds True
Meditation Summit

Deepen and expand your personal meditation practice with the inspiration, guidance and support of the world's leading teachers.

This free, online event is for everyone:  long-term meditators, those new to the practice of meditation, those who are struggling with establishing or maintaining a regular practice, and those who have heard of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of meditation and want to learn more.

The Meditation Summit runs for 10 days from June 14 to 23, 2016.  There are three training sessions with three different teachers during each day of the summit.  Replays are available for 24 hours.  Access during the 10 period is free and participants receive two special bonus gifts upon registration:

  • The Science of Meditation:  Past, Present, and Future - an 11 page article from the Institute of Noetic Sciences
  • The Science of Mindfulness - Jon Kabat-Zinn, Daniel J. Siegel, Rick Hanson, Tara Brach, and Kelly McGonigal explore the transformational power of a mindfulness practice.
The entire recording (including some bonuses) can also be purchased.

The Meditation Summit is hosted by Tami Simon, Sounds True founder who has spent more than 30 years living on the edge of where spiritual wisdom meets the

To register for the free, online event visit:  Meditation Summit.  Disclosure:  we are NOT an affiliate nor receive any compensation for posting this link.

The Teachers

Reginald A. Ray, PhD - Website
Somatic Meditation and Connecting with the Source

  • The “bottom-up” approach of somatic meditation and how it differs from conventional “top-down” approaches
  • A guided somatic practice for “Connecting with the Source,” including the use of 12-fold belly breathing
  • Instructions for breathing into what is known in Tantric Buddhism as “the secret center”

Tara Brach, PhD - Website
A Nourishing and Liberating RAIN

  • Three primary components on a path to healing and freedom: inquiry into truth, remembering love, and embodying awareness
  • RAIN—Tara's acronym for an accessible and powerful support in strengthening these domains of spiritual practice and applying them to situations where we are caught in emotional reactivity
  • How RAIN helps carry us home to the fullness, mystery, and beauty of our true nature, even in the midst of fear and self-doubt

Richard C. Miller, PhD - Website
Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga

  • Ways in which Yoga Nidra brings us to an embodied awakening of our essential nature through personalized practice
  • A guided meditation through all 10 steps of the Yoga Nidra process, so we can experience a taste of interconnectedness within ourselves and all the cosmos                     

Snatam Kaur - Website
Kundalini Meditation: Accessing the Light Within

  • The transformational power of sacred chant
  • Balancing the body's primary energy currents 
  • A guided experience of kundalini meditation for accessing our inner light
Adyashanti - Website
True Meditation

  • True meditation as a path for awakening to the truth of our being through a moment-to-moment state of discovery
  • How we can free ourselves from agenda and technique, dropping our preconceived ideas of what meditation should look like
  • Instructions for practicing true meditation by bringing awareness to our senses and awakening to the present moment

Sharon Salzberg - Website
Lovingkindness Meditation

  • How lovingkindness meditation cultivates our natural capacity for an open and loving heart
  •  Meditation as a path to joy in the happiness of others, peace within ourselves, and an expanded circle of compassion
  • Direct instruction and a guided meditation using classical lovingkindness techniques 
Rev. angel Kyodo Williams - Website
Effort and Release

  • How meditation develops our capacity to be with the suffering of ourselves and others, awakening our warrior spirit and willingness to engage the world
  • The fearless balance of effort and release, where we merge directed effort with a natural release of control
  • An in-depth guided meditation practice that is laser-sharp, accessible, and helps us drop self-judgment by the wayside
Rick Hanson, PhD - Website
Your Brain on Meditation: Cultivating Inner Strength and Peace

  • The science behind how mindfulness meditation can change our brains and activate our neural networks of self-compassion and happiness 
  • An exploration of the causes of suffering rooted in our “Stone Age” brains, including our deeply ingrained sense of craving—and how through self-directed neuroplasticity we can stimulate and thereby strengthen the neural substrates of positive states of mind 
  • A guided meditation and on-the-spot techniques to bring our practice into everyday life              

    Lama Tsultrim Allione - Website
    Feeding Your Demons: A Tibetan Meditation Practice for Deep Healing and Integration

    • How offering compassion to our own demons, rather than battling against them, develops our ability to heal and integrate into wholeness
    • The application of Chöd practice with a wide variety of both personal and collective demons, including fears, addictions, xenophobia, racism, physical ailments, anger, relationships, and other challenges 
    • A powerful guided practice with her “Five Steps of Feeding Your Demons” meditation

    Anh-Huong Nguyen 
    Mindfulness Meditation in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

    • How to use conscious breathing to quiet our minds and bring ourselves back into our bodies through a guided practice
    • How we can live fully in the present moment, so we are no longer carried away by past regrets or future fears 
    • The power of mindful practices to cultivate compassion, a sense of lightness, and true happiness

    Ken Cohen, MA - Website
    One with the Tao: Body, Breath, and Mind

    • The deep peace and tranquility that arise when our spirits open to the qi of the universe
    • The power of the Tao to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, bringing us back to a place of childlike enchantment with the natural world
    • Three guided Taoist meditations, including a compassion meditation, a movement meditation for healing, and a powerful meditation with the Big Dipper 

    James Finley, PhD - Website
    Christian Contemplative Meditation

    • An invitation to reflect on the moments we glimpse God's presence within ourselves, others, and all of life itself
    • A discussion of the fleeting flashes of God's presence that awaken a desire for an even deeper, more habitual experience of Divine connection
    • Guidelines for a contemplative meditation, understanding the delicate and intimate manner in which meditation lays bare God's presence in our lives         

    Joseph Goldstein
    Mindfulness Meditation

    • Common stages in a mindfulness practice, including mindfulness techniques to transform our meditation experience
    • How a mind free of clinging and grasping opens to awakening
    • An extended, guided mindfulness meditation to help us release identification with the self and observe the changing nature of all that is                     
    Deva Premal & Miten - Website
    Meditating with the Gayatri Mantra

    • The art of mantra practice as a scientific exploration
    • How to begin your own mantra practice, with personal insights from their decades of practice
    • A deep, guided experience of the Gayatri Mantra, the mother of all mantras and one of the oldest prayers known to humanity                     

    Shinzen Young - Website
    Exploring the Mind

    • The idea of our thoughts as simple parts of our nature, like inner versions of seeing and hearing, rather than problems to be resolved
    • How we can work through unconscious mental activity and begin the process of experiencing our thoughts as sensory events
    • A unique guided meditation for parsing thought into mental images and mental talk, opening the way to states of creative flow and tranquil rest                     

    Thich Nhat Hanh - Website
    Trusting the Buddha Within

    • How to recognize an awakened being through the quality of their actions
    • Letting the Buddha do the work for us when things get overwhelming
    • “Inviting the Buddha Within,” a guided meditation for resting in the present moment                     

    Anakha Coman
    Awake at Work: Mindfulness for Connection, Creativity, and Collaboration in the Workplace

    • How we can use mindfulness practices at work to bring forth our genius and create a culture of engagement, connection, and excellence
    • Easy-to-use mindfulness micropractices that heighten mental clarity, insights, and creativity while on the job
    • The power of a regular meditation practice to bring us in touch with our senses, help us tap into our natural flow state, and open the doors to our creative intelligence                     
    Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW - Website
    Small Glimpses of Freedom, Many Times

    • The calm, intelligent, and loving nature of “awake awareness”—experiencing a direct glimpse of the end goal of awakening that is already here
    • The unfolding process of reintegrating our emotions, thoughts, and ordinary functioning
    • Retraining our brains through the practice of “small glimpses, many times” to realize deeper potentials for living with open-hearted awareness 
    Gaylon Ferguson, PhD
    Natural Wakefulness

    • Natural wakefulness as a way of cultivating our inherent wisdom and fundamental goodness
    • Common blocks to accessing our natural wakefulness, along with meditation practices for moving through those blocks
    • A guided meditation to settle in the body, release effort, and allow our natural state of awakening to unfold   
    Saki Santorelli, EdD, MA - Website
    Mindfulness and the Art of Turning Towards Life

    • How each of us can use the practice of MBSR to bring greater peace, awareness, and joy to our lives
    • How a mindfulness meditation practice gives us a greater capacity to meet all that life offers, so we no longer live from our fight-or-flight biology
    • A guided meditation to help us become more attuned to the subtler dimensions of what it is to be human                  
    Robert Peng - Website
    Qigong Meditation for Wisdom, Love, and Vitality

    • How we can harmonize the energy centers within us to tap into abundant universal energy
    • Practices to generate a blissful yet dynamic happiness that enables us to respond to our external circumstances with confidence and peace
    • A guided meditation that ends with nourishing Qi and a beautiful inner smile, which encourages all of our cells and tissues to soak in the ocean of joy                        

    Mark Hyman, MD - Website
    Meditation for Health and Happiness

    • The body-mind connection, and how healing our bodies through movement and diet lays the foundation for a more successful meditation practice
    • How meditation and the power of the mind can actually turn on fat-burning processes and help us lose weight
    • A guided meditation for calming overwhelm and increasing our health, happiness, and overall well-being     
    Anodea Judith - Website
    Chakra Meditation from the Top Down

    • The cyclical nature of expanding consciousness and bringing our focus back into the physical world
    • The importance of co-creating a world made from our highest consciousness
    • An in-depth guided meditation to bring Divine awareness down through the chakras, allowing us to begin the art of purposeful creation      

    David Frenette - Website
    Meditating with Presence

    • An overview of meditation in the Christian contemplative tradition
    • Cultivating attention to open more fully to our human experience
    • A guided experience of Meditating with Presence                     

    Shiva Rea - Website
    Tending the Heart Fire: Tantric Heart Fire Meditation

    • Meditation in the yogic tradition and becoming a “firekeeper of the heart”
    • Universal tantra-based meditations to awaken the mystery and intimacy of the fire of love
    • Using visualization, mantra, and mudra as tools for integrating love more completely in our lives                

    Lama Surya Das - Website
    Meditation in the Dzogchen Tradition

    • Creating a better world through the wise action that stems from an expanded meditation practice
    • “Non-meditation” and seeing through the illusion of separateness
    • Mindfulness and the direct experience of awakening here and now        

    Martin L. Rossman, MD - Website
    Meditating with Guided Imagery

    • The accessibility of guided imagery and its tangible benefits
    • How guided imagery and sensory-based thinking can alter our physiology, increase body and emotional awareness, and stimulate healing
    • A guided meditation practice where we can experience the complementary ways in which guided imagery and meditation enhance our overall well-being         
    Kim Eng - Website
    Meditation in Everyday Life

    • Returning home to the essence of who we are and finding stillness amidst the busyness of our modern lives
    • Working with the common challenges that arise during practice
    • A guided “Inner Body” meditation that heightens our sensitivity to our connection with the oneness of life                     

    Jack Kornfield, PhD - Website
    The Art of Forgiveness

    • Meditation as a pathway to cultivate our ability to forgive ourselves and others
    • The capacity of forgiveness to free our hearts from suffering and liberate ourselves from the past
    • A guided practice through the three dimensions of forgiveness        

    Pema Chödrön - Website
    Tonglen Meditation: News We Can Use

    • The “tonglen attitude,” an attitude we can use on the spot in order to soften our hearts and connect with our shared humanity
    • Holding a tonglen attitude toward pain and also toward pleasure (what she calls “sharing the wealth”) in both small and big moments of our lives
    • The formal practice of tonglen meditation—in this guided experience of tonglen, we select as the focus of our practice a family member who is suffering, and then we universalize our practice for all who suffer in a similar way                     


    Guided by Light - 4 Week Online Course

    Original Light: The Morning Practice of
    Kundalini Yoga by Snatam Kaur
    Book and Online Course
    Guided by Light, a 4 week online course led by Snatam Kaur gives participants the tools to create sacred space in their life to find this connection each and every day without fail.

    Through the daily spiritual practice of Sadhana (the morning practice of Kundalini Yoga as given by Yogi Bhajan), which includes a morning wake up routine, chanting, yoga and meditation, participants will learn and practice a way to connect with the Divine in whatever their spiritual tradition.

    The live stream format gives participants the opportunity to connect with Snatam who will share stories, insights, audio and video practice tools, and support material.  At the end of the course, each participant will have the opportunity to create and commit to their own daily spiritual practice based on the Aquarian Sadhana.

    Snatam and her team will continue to support participants in this experience through an online forum and live stream practice for an additional 40 days following the conclusion of the course, so that participants stay connected during the practice of the full Aquarian Sadhana.

    The course includes:
    • Snatam’s new eBook Original Light: the Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga with two CDs
    • Four, 2-hour live streamed broadcasts, recorded and available for later viewing  
    • 31-minute chanting meditation with Snatam to open each class
    • Creating artwork to awaken your sacred space
    • Weekly support videos and audio practice tools
    • An online Q&A forum for community building and personal support
    • 40-day guided spiritual practice following the last class
    • A live stream practice of the full Aquarian Sadhana with Snatam
    For more information and to register, please visit Guided by Light Online Course.

    Disclosure:  we are NOT an affiliate nor receive any compensation for posting this link from Snatam Kaur.  However we are an affiliate of Amazon and may receive a small referral fee for purchases through the book link.
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